Updated Presentation List

In this era of Covid-19, I have given a number of Zoom presentations.

Each is a PowerPoint presentation, roughly half an hour to an hour in length. Each topic is adaptable to your required length and covers the following topics:

  1. Summary of Collective Amnesia’s Findings
  2. White Supremacy and Racism
  3. White Privilege or Advantage
  4.  Decisive Role of US Colored Troops in the Civil War
  5.  Black Confederates – Were there Significant Numbers?
  6.  African American Troops in World War I and the Great Migration
  7.  African American Soldiers in the World Wars and the Great Migration
  8. Buffalo Soldiers

Additional topics on which I can present:

Conclusions from my new book, African Americans in American History, 1526 – Present

This is not “African American” history, but that portion of American history the white power structure attempted to ignore. Blacks arrived on the North American continent nearly a century before the first Anglo Saxon.

The majority of those England shipped to the colonies make the claim of “white supremacy” absolutely ludicrous.

African Americans have made major contributions in every branch of human endeavor.

Slavery: American’s Original Sin?


Reconstruction — Presidential and Congressional

The Freedmen’s Bureau

Devastation of the South during the Civil War

The “Lost Cause”

“Redemption” — the Democrats Terrorism and Chicanery

Jim Crow: Race Laws and Segregation

The Haarlem Renaissance

The Civil Rights Movement

Make America Hate Again (Contemporary Events)

Is “Race” Real?

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