Status Update — Collective Amnesia on the Way!

On Monday, January 14th I was informed that my graphics had finally been cleared, ending four and a half months of struggle. If you’ve never published a book, I don’t believe I can adequately describe the process of getting permissions or a license to use a given graphic. For me, the process was far more uncomfortable and difficult than simply writing the book, which will come out at around 500 pages, including bibliography and index. In the process, the number of illustrations dropped from 103 to 67, mostly a measure of my frustration of obtaining that many permissions. But it definitely was a learning experience.

And Xlibris then moved smartly to produce a galley, which I received last Friday, January the 25th. I proofread the manuscript over the weekend and sent corrections back today. I should receive another draft very soon, and hopefully will receive the initial hard copies of the book when we are in Sarasota, Florida during February.

This will mark the end of a three-year effort to birth a book that I consider might have tremendous national import! Certainly, there is no better time for a book detailing the consequences of white supremacy and bigotry, which lamentably is experiencing a resurgence.

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