I have prepared presentations, most roughly 20 minutes, but adaptable to other requirements, on the following topics:

  1. Overall Summary of Collective Amnesia
  2. White Supremacy and Racism
  3.  US Colored Troops and Black Confederates
  4.  African American Troops in World War I and the Great Migration
  5.  African American Soldiers in the World Wars and the Great Migration

Additional topics on which I can present:

  1.  Slavery: American’s Original Sin?
  2.  Emancipation
  3.  Reconstruction — Presidential and Congressional
  4. The Freedmen’s Bureau
  5.  Devastation of the South after the Civil War
  6.  The “Lost Cause”
  7.  “Redemption” Terrorism and Chicanery by Democrats
  8. Jim Crow: Race Laws and Segregation
  9.  The Haarlem Renaissance
  10.  The Civil Rights Movement
  11.  Make America Hate Again (Contemporary Events)
  12.  Either US Colored Troops or Black Confederates separately