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While I’d prefer to be more “in demand,” I’ve been fortunate to have shared the findings of my book with a fair amount of folks, from Lake of the Woods (near Fredericksburg), to the James Madison Museum in Orange, to the African American Heritage Museum in Loudoun county’s The Plains.




Here’s my upcoming schedule as it stands today:

Date                      Time                      Location                                                                               Topic

January 21          7 PM                     Manassas Library 8051 Ashton Avenue                  US Colored Troops

March 24             10 AM                   Book Group, Willow Lawn, Tilghman Ln.                 Summary and discussion of book

April 4                   2 PM                     Handley Public Library Robinson Auditorium         US Colored Troops

April 5                   11:45                     Bethel Lutheran Church                                         Who is my Neighbor?

June 10                 3 PM                     Greenspring Senior Living Community                  Summary and discussion of book

August 9               3 PM                     Josephine City Book Club                                       US Colored Troops


Other prepared topics:

  • White Supremacy and Racism
  • Black Service in WW I and the Great Migration
  • Black Military Service in both WWs and the Great Migration


Other topics available on request:

  • Slavery
  • The post-war devastation of the South
  • Emancipation
  • Reconstruction
  • The Freedmen’s Bureau
  • The Lost Cause
  • Redemption
  • Jim Crow
  • Civil Rights Struggle
  • Modern-Day Racism

Gene Betit

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  1. Gene Betit on January 16, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    No charge for my lecture; I just want to sell my books afterward.

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