Wayne Lord

Dr. Eugene Betit’s new book, “Forgotten Warriors: African Americans in America’s Wars, is an important contribution to the historical literature that recognizes the significant, and often valiant, service of Black men and women in the American military throughout our country’s history. However, in stark contrast, the author also presents a harsh indictment of the overt and implicit racism and prejudice that has characterized the recruitment, acceptance, force utilization, and treatment of Blacks in the armed forces, and of the subsequent and widespread horrific treatment of Black veterans upon their return to civilian life.

Based on eight years of extensive research in primary and secondary sources, Dr. Betit combines expert statistical analysis and detailed description of miliary and political policies with illustrative individual soldier and military unit stories, painting a vivid picture of the impressive service record of Black military men and women. These stories are coupled with detailed descriptions of the discriminatory actions and attitudes of many American politicians, military leaders, and officers from colonial times well into the second half of the 20th Century.

Ph.D., Georgetown University