Rueben K. Green: Author of Black Officer, White Navy

This book provides a thorough, four hundred year history of the abuse and disenfranchisement of the black people of America, often while they were simultaneously encouraged to fight for “their” country. The breadth of the work makes it an outstanding choice for both the newly curious and the established scholar. It is designed to force you to look at the big picture, the cause and effect relationships between people of different races. I found it to be particularly relevant as I read the last few chapters, which show that the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent (2016) plainly states that racial bias and discrimination are still constant factors in America today. This book would make an excellent textbook for any high school or college classroom as well as a general overview for anyone… The author clearly did extensive research, and unearthed documents, studies and papers of which I was not aware and that I found quite helpful.