Rob Schuweiler — Required reading for all students

Written so clearly and so well documented that it should be required reading for all students. This book gives just cause to reflect and correct past and ongoing social injustice. I found myself constantly shocked, dismayed, and disappointed in human behavior during our short 400-year history with persons of color. While it would be easy to become inflamed over many current concerns exacerbated by social media, the difference here is the writer’s detailed references at the end of each chapter making rationalization of truth a foolish escape from a terrible story of America’s relationship to and treatment of its Black population. However, with so much food for thought, there is hope, too. Great leaps forward in civil rights are also documented and progress has been made in a surprisingly short time since WWII.

This wonderful book uncoversthe collective history of white-black relations over 400 years. It is a book that you simply don’t want to put down; it is a page-turner. I recommend this book as a history and reference book of an essential American story. I wish every citizen would read it.