Gail Hermosilla

Some would categorize this book as “Black History”. I believe that is wrongly restrictive. This book is about Blacks who are American, an “American History” book. Acknowledging that this is American history is a critical distinction. It shines a light on the glaring difference between the events documented here and those taught as “American history” at all levels of US education. As evidence, I present the most basic of misleading teachings: the cause of the Civil War. When I studied 4th grade American history, we learned without qualification that “The Civil War was fought over states’ rights”. When I discussed this with my daughter, she remembers being taught the same thing! She recalls that slavery was at least mentioned, so I guess there has been some progress in 30 years. What is being taught in our schools today? I hesitate to ask.

So, if this most basic fact of American history has been distorted by our educational system, is it any wonder that the average American is unfamiliar with the rest of the sordid history, so well documented in this book?