Collective Amnesia: American Apartheid – African American’s 400 Years in North America, 1619-2019


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This history of African Americans since 1619 is a saga of racism and white supremacy not covered in the mythology about the Civil War and its aftermath taught in school. Chapters cover racism and white supremacy, slavery, service of US Colored Troops in the Civil War, devastation of the South, evolution of emancipation, and Reconstruction and the Freedmen’s Bureau.

Other chapters address the “Lost Cause,” “Redemption,” Jim Crow, blacks’ significant military contributions in both world wars, the Great Migration, the civil rights movement and the backlash that continues.

Contemporary issues, including white supremacy, Confederate statuary, the status of blacks compared to others are also addressed. The note is taken of James Whitman’s book exploring Hitler’s admiration of Jim Crow and our anti-miscegenation laws, as well as Richard Rothstein’s study of housing law and whites’ responsibility for creating ghettos.

Numerous photographs, tables, maps, and charts make the book easy to read.

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